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I realized as a very young child that I had abilities others did not have. I am Cherokee Indian and Irish. Other family members shared the same gift. I have a Spirit Guide that helps me with the answers you seek. She was my best friend in a previous life of living as an Indian. Now she is here to help me through this Earth plane. Her name is Winddancer. I could see spirits and hear the conversations they were having. When someone spoke to me, I knew what they were going to say before they said it. In 2008 I knew I wanted to quit my corporate job and do nothing more, but to help others walk a better pathway. It is such a beautiful and peaceful feeling to know I have helped a troubled soul, relax and see things in a different light. I owe this all to God, for this gift, he gave me. I am very natural in giving your readings.

I do not use help aids, other than my Guide, to give your answers. I have given independent readings since I was very young. I received mentoring from an individual that I met, and knew the moment I saw her face. We were also together in a previous life. She taught me to reach a higher level of knowledge by simply doing exercises while meditating. At this time, I knew I was meant to be a healer and help others.
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