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Ashyn is a 5th Generation Medium from her Mom’s side and a 4th Generation Psychic on her Dad’s Side. Ashyn is a gifted, naturally talented and personable reader with 24 years of experience as a Psychic, Medium, Past Life Regressionist, Healer, Visionary, Life Coach and Spiritual Teacher.

Ashyn’s insights and revelations are nothing short of astounding, often answering your question before you even get to ask!

Let me help you with questions on your relationships! I can tell you where your partner is in the relationship and how he/she is feeling towards you. Lets get to the root of the matter, and allow understanding and healing today!

In your professional life, where are you headed? Are your career goals still making sense? Do you need to know when a new job will open up? Let's talk and help you be open to the new opportunities that are coming your way!

Here is a little bit about my background story:

When I was only 3, I was struck by a vehicle and saw my angel under the car with me. It took me years to understand the kind illuminated man under the car with me was my Guardian Angel, I just remember feeling so peaceful and safe and I wanted to stay under that car with him! Later in the hospital I was released the next day with not one single broken bone or injury, it was a miracle that day, and I was forever changed.

I started my spiritual work as a singer in my church, then out in the world. Audience members would often run up to me after shows stating they were healed while I was singing, I was so honored that Spirit would utilize me in this way, and I committed myself to the work professionally over 20 years ago and I have never looked back!
Since that eventful day, I have given readings to people in all walks of life in almost every country of the world. I have trained with the best of the best in my industry and I am committed to always learning and striving to help my clients receive the most precise intuitive information possible.

I am a teacher of metaphysics and hold workshops on Mediumship and Psychic Development. I have given readings and teachings on the radio as well as television and I run a development group in my area.
I am a servant of Spirit, I want to help you take your next step forward in your life!

I listen with an open mind and an open heart, there is no judgment here. I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a reason you are here and reading this, if you feel drawn to me, let me help you get answers and perhaps help you get your own.

Let’s help you get to your next life goal, and find the peace you were born to find.

Let me help you remember……

Love and Light,
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